Queens Iron & Metal

Why Queens Iron?


Queens Iron is fully licensed and covered with insurance. We’re well aware of inspection requirements for your projects. We’ve helped many customers who had works done by other companies and failed to pass government inspection. Not only the customers had additional expense to re-do the work, but also the whole project delayed because of the immature quality of work.


Many small Iron and Steel businesses don’t have the own factory. They order pre-manufactured parts from large factory and simply install them at the sites. The problem is that it’s not possible to customize when needed. Even with perfect measures, things may change when installing and you need to adjust some of the designs, bend or re-cut the materials. Without own factory, tools and expertise, they would have to re-order which may incur additional charge, or forcefully bend or squeeze, which may results weaken


Business relationship is based on trust. When you give us job, it’s the trust that you believe our expertise and quality. It’s the promise we give and we treat every business opportunity as life-long relationship. We have customers who recommend our services to their sons and daughters. That’s the trust and promise we would like to make with you.