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Well.. I’m not an expert about iron or any construction. My friend recommended this company for all good things. First of all, The price was NOT the cheapest one, but it was relatively cheap, so I started having conversation with the owner about quote and what it takes to install my gates. It wasn’t a rush job, but Steven who’s the owner gave me an update of how long it would take and when he can start. Not only he gave me an update, but he kept his promise. I had another side of the fence done by other company, so I asked him to make it the same. He came to my house, reviewed and told me all the problems that wasn’t done correctly. I thought he’s just trying to make more money, so I said it’s ok. But then he’s willing to fix that for free because whatever he will do should match to what I have. I still doubt cuz he might break things and ask for more money. So I said “no”, but then. Once he did all his part, I realized the problems with the previous work. He then offered again for free fix. which I said OK that time. OMG, overall, his work was awesome. this is the guy who can’t accept any problems even though it’s not his work. He just can’t stand the issues about iron works. Steve wants PERFECTION!!! After all work is done and paid, guess what, Steve and his team completely cleaned up the site and just made it like a new place. No one could even notice that the place was where iron works was done just a min ago. I don’t write this kinda review, but if you really need someone you can trust because you’re not an Iron expert. call this guy.